HND2022 Conference Proceedings

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Invited Presentations (IP)

Panel Discussion (PD) Nuclear for Climate – Some Basic Preconditions

Session 1 Nuclear Safety Analyses (NSA)

S1-113   Srđan Špalj, Franc Cizel: “RELAP5/mod3.3 Analysis of Natural Circulation Cooldown with One Inactive Loop for Nuclear Power Plant Krško (NEK)”

S1-150   Davor Grgić, Vesna Benčik, Siniša Šadek, Paulina Dučkić: “Influence of Reactivity Feedback Modelling in RELAP5 NEK LONF ATWS Calculation”

S1-182   Josip Vuković, Davor Grgić: “Performance Based Risk Informed Fire Modelling Evaluation of Electrical Equipment in Nuclear Power Plants”

Session 2 Operation and Maintenance Experience (OME)

Session 3 Nuclear Energy: Planning, Environment and Technologies (NEPET)

S3-164   Ninoslav Holjevac, Matej Krpan, Matija Zidar, Davor Grgić, Igor Kuzle: “Power Flows and System Dynamics Influence of NPP Krško Life Time Extension on Croatian Power System”

Session 4 Regulatory Practice and Emergency Preparedness (RPEP)

Session 5 Reactor Physics and Nuclear Fuel Cycle (RPNFC)

S5-153   Radomir Ječmenica, Davor Grgić, Paulina Dučkić: “Applicability of Legacy and New Calculation Tools for 2D Fuel Assembly Depletion as Defined by VERA Benchmark”

Session 6 Severe Accident Analyses and Risk Assessment (SAA)

S6-151   Davor Grgić, Vesna Benčik, Siniša Šadek, Paulina Dučkić: “Thermal Response of External Duct Piping in Case PCFV Actuation During Prolonged NEK SBO”

Session 7 Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning, Radiation Hazard and Protection (RWMD)

S7-152   Davor Grgić, Paulina Dučkić, Petra Strmečki, Juraj Milobar: “Thermal Model of HI STORM FW Cask for COBRA-SFS Code”

Session 8 Safety Culture, Knowledge Management and Public Relations (SCPR)